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In the limelight: Bar

This week, we’re focusing on our fabulous Polished Steel Bar Sign. As you’ve probably guessed, this sign works best at a bar! Behind the bar, in front of the bar, on the bar, next to the bar…the decision is yours.

The retro vibe of this sign really gives it an authentic feel resembling traditional marquee lights of the past. The polished steel finish means it’s neutral enough to adapt to a range of styles and it’s not too large to display at any size or style of bar.

Check out our Bar sign in action at weddings, events and TV below.

Courtney Illfield Photography
James Day Photography
Daina Marie Photography
Audrey & Angus
Brooke Evrard Photography
Nine Entertainment
White Space Events
Image provided by client

Contact us to see how our Polished Steel Bar Sign can light up the bar area at your wedding or event.

Happy planning,

Kate xo

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That time we went to Summer Bay


We were thrilled our Illuminated Party Sign featured on iconic Aussie TV programme Home & Away recently. It was the perfect young and fun addition to Maddy’s 18th Birthday celebration at the Caravan Park. It even shared screen time with legendary character Alf Stewart! We love what the Creative Director did with the sign to portray the chaos that happened at the end of the party. (Although we don’t recommend you do this at home!) 😉

Check out some stills from the episode…

EventHaus Home & Away EventHaus Home & Away EventHaus Home & Away Eventhaus Home & Away EventHaus Home & Away EventHaus Home & Away EventHaus Home & Away

The Illuminated Party Sign, along with a range of other items, are great options for Christmas and New Year’s Eve events. Contact us to check availability.

Happy planning,

Kate xo

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The Christmas Collection


Christmas is only 6 weeks away. How on earth did that happen? Yeah, we don’t know either!

If you’re struggling with ways to make your end of year events shine, we have the answer. Check out our Christmas Collection below – a range of illuminated props that will add impact and sparkle to your party no matter what the theme or location is! Or, perhaps you’d like a particular word for your special event – we have a range of Individual Letter Lights too!

EventHaus XMAS

EventHaus 2015 - The Christmas Collection blacklight

EventHaus Bar sign The Christmas Collection 2015

EventHaus Iluminated Party Sign The Christmas Collection 2015

Contact us to check availability for your event date.

Happy planning,

Kate xo

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