Friday inspiration: champers time!

It’s Friday and it’s time for champers. Don’t feel guilty – we’ve compiled some of the health benefits of drinking champagne for you:

1. Improves spatial memory – the ability to recognise one’s surroundings, as well as perform complex tasks and calculations. That sounds helpful!

2. Makes you lose weight – OK, that’s an exaggeration, but apparently champagne contains less calories than both red and white wine.

3. Makes you gassy  – so, we know that doesn’t sound great, but stay with us here. Bubbly drinks make people drink slower and feel full quicker and therefore drink less. Good news for the waistline. And the hangover.

4. Makes you smart – research has shown that certain proteins within champagne are beneficial for short term memory. It’s been hypothesised that within three years of imbibing champagne regularly, but not over indulging, a person could have an increase of 200% of the memory-boosting protein in their brain. Ah, hello! Pass me a magnum now!!

5. Makes you happy – bubbles = happiness. And we can all do with a touch of happiness in our day, right?

Disclaimer: Please note this is not actual medical advice! We found these points on the internet. You cant always believe everything the internet says!  

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