Friday inspiration: Dad’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day this weekend, so we’re celebrating Dads and Mums everywhere!

Our top 5 reasons why parents are pretty cool:

1. They do your washing

2. They loan you money

3. They look after you when you’re sick

4. They want the best for you even if they are really annoying sometimes

5. They probably sacrificed a few things to buy you toys and take you to fun places

And a special bonus point for the Dads this Father’s Day:

6. They kill nasty spiders for you

Happy Dad’s Day!

Kate xo

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LOVE at the Loft

This little snapshot of the wedding of Alison + Nicolas at The Loft at Doltone House is super cute. What a stunning bride! Stills by Sheer Image Photography. Featuring our Vintage Marquee LOVE Lights. Look out for the reflections of LOVE in the suspended glass baubles!

Check out our Instagram page to see the team that brought this stunning wedding together.

All the best to the happy couple,

Kate xo

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